Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Meet Lucia

Lucia is our maid. She has cleaned Camillo's home since it was built 21 years ago. She comes every Monday morning, arriving at 6:30 am, but talks with the gardener and waters the plants before starting on the house. I have never met anyone as efficient or as through as she is. She begins cleaning up in the loft where Camillo's keeps his office and we have the TV and extra beds for the Grandchildren's visits.
She works her way down through the living room, dining, kitchen and out the utility. She cleans windows, dust pictures always leaving them crooked. She cleans inside of cupboards and the refrigerator. If we have had guest over the weekend or a barbecue, she also cleans the guest house and the patio. She is finished by 1:00 pm.
Sometimes she comes and helps me on Saturdays when we have big parties. She has a key to the house and when we travel she comes extra times and keeps track of things for us. One time we did not have electricity for four days while we were traveling and she cleaned the thawed food from the freezer for us. I have great liking and admiration for Lucia.
Isn't she fantastic?

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