Thursday, March 8, 2007

More about Ewerton

My name is Ewerton. I am sixteen years old. I go to school and have classes in mathematics, portugues, history, philosophy, science and biology. I live in Nilópolis. I have a mother, a step- father, and a brother. I do not have a sister. My mother's name is Luzia.My step-father is Cesa. My brother is Wellington and my father is Emilson.


Panta said...

Hello Ewerton!
And Riorose and Abel too
I'm an Irish person who lived in Brazil for a year

espero que tudo va bem com
os estudios em ingles - como pode ver, devo estudiar mas portugues, casi esqueci tudo
Se Riorose e tao bom ao ensinar como no fazer o blog
ja voce deve ter uma professora perfeita!!

perhaps you or Riorose can say why so many Brazilian men have Anderson, Ayrton, Nelson, Edson (Ewerton!) etc ie english surnames (or adaptations) as a forename?

No Brazilian I met there or here has ever been able to tell of life's little mysteries!


Riorose said...

Dear Panta, thank you for your encouragement. Please visit often. I am learning how to blog and I need to understand why my blog has 2 names. I will try to correct that. I would rather just have one.

Ewerton has a 9 year old brother whose name is Wellington. You probably know this but there is no W in the Brazilian alphabet. I will try to find out more about the naming process but it has been one of my sources of amusement for years now. This silliness only exists in the lower classes though. They also have some very strange spellings for men's names. I saw the name tag of a grocery bagger the other day, Geovane. It took me awhile to understand the pronunciation, and then I laughed. (think Italian)
A Portugese language teacher told me that they see the names or hear them in American movies and then they transfer the spelling to Portuguese phonetical interpretations. Daiane, think princess Diana. Another naming anomoly here is that the parents combine their names. The first part of dad's and the last part of mom's. Edmar =Edward and Maria. The middle class tends to use well spelled european names or they reuse well worn classes, think very boring. Manual, Mariana, Carla, Viviane. Even though no one can pronouce it they love my name, just plain old, Rosemary. They spell it, if left to their own devices - Rosimery

kisses from Brazil

Peter said...

Thank you for that Rosemary...
it obviously get's even more intriguing about the names!

Yes I know exactly what you mean about English words...
often I got asked "what are they saying" regarding the English pops ongs they hear all the time
One day someone said I must have seen the new club "Ochidoorey" that had just opened..
they were perplexed I couldn't get what they were saying, since it was "an English name"...
it was "Outdoor"... and in and around Sao Paulo were I mostly lived, there were lots of highrise flat complexes all called "Sussex" or "Chesterfield" or something suitably classy English sounding...

I very much liked Brazil -I was told "Brazil will always surprise you" and that was true, often in positive ways (perhaps also many liked someone trying to speak Portuguese and not just English or Spanish)
Thank you for answer in other blog also, with the book tip!
1989-1991 was particularly exciting as it was a time of the first real election post-military rule.