Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Final Goodbye from RoseMary

I think every foul, heartbreaking, frustrating thing that could ever be written about the country of Brazil and the state of Rio de Janeiro in particular has been written. . . That is why when I started to write this blog I chose to write about the good things as best I could. Doing so was necessary for me to maintain my sense of humor and mental health. In the last few months I have not been able to blog positively about Brazil. In fact I seem to have lost my sense of creative writing and interest in writing. I also find myself struggling with English as I delve deeper into the Portuguese language. I tried to blog a few times but it all came out wrong and foul and heartbreaking and frustrating.

Ginger has been enthusiastically writing the blog now by herself for many months and I will now turn the reigns over to her by signing off as administrator. It seems only fair. She takes great photos for this blog and for her flower blog, why should I tip the balance into negativity when she has such a lovely thing going.

I wish I could change the name of the blog but I don't have a clue of how to do it and still maintain the readership. As of now I will just move her photo up above mine and make a small addendum to my home page screen. There is a possibility that I will sign on as her guest writer once in a while.

So for now, I thank all the people who have been patient and those who have been loyal readers even when we did not blog. I have enjoyed my online friends and I hope someday to meet some of the readers.

Kisses Always